How are you feeling this winter?

Have you also been trying to change negative thoughts into positive ones, to get yourself in a good mood again?

With restrictions on travel and socialising because of the Covid-19 pandemic, you may experience feelings of loneliness and isolation this winter. Although these feelings may not interfere with your daily routines, they can still take a toll on your mood.

It is well known that practicing positive thinking can improve our mood. If these exercises, however, do not seem to work for you, or even make you feel worse, try the following. Instead of giving yourself positive affirmations like:

‘I can do this’, ‘I am lovable’, ‘I am strong’, ‘I can give it another try’, ‘I can deal with this’

Create more psychological distance by talking to yourself in the second person, using your name:

‘Lauren, you can do this’, ‘Lauren, you are lovable’, ‘Lauren, you are strong’, ‘Lauren, you can give it another try’, ‘Lauren, you can deal with this’.

Today is a good day to find out if this small change in formulating can work miracles for you.

You go for it!

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