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‘Life as an expat is absolutely exciting and adventurous, it is a dream come true.’ That may be true, but what if feelings of loneliness dominate your positive attitude now and then? If you wish to regain your positive feelings and balance in life, one of the important things to do is learning the Dutch language. It will make it easier to communicate with the Dutch, to integrate and to feel more comfortable in your new country. If you wish to follow a pleasant, private Dutch language training and you could also use a listening ear now and then, you might consider the following offer.

Learn Dutch and find a Listening Ear

'Dutch and You' offers Dutch language training programs in combination with a listening ear to help you feel better. Talking about what is bothering you, can reduce your negative feelings related to your life as an expat.

Learn Dutch

Do you want to start learning Dutch or do you wish to improve your Dutch language skills? ‘Dutch and You’ offers you an individual, personalized language training in combination with attention to your feelings and thoughts. The language training is built to meet your specific learning needs whereby content and practice are tailored. Your objectives, wishes and capacities are taken into account throughout the training, to make this a pleasant and effective experience.

A Listening Ear

What is it that you can expect? A non-judgemental listening ear and a sounding board. A moment for you, in which you have the opportunity to talk about anything that bothers you. Full attention and understanding for you, your feelings and thoughts. The time to organise your thoughts. Tension relief and reduction of the pressure.

Your Teacher and Listening Ear

My name is Marjon Pijl. As a Dutch language trainer since 2010, I have been teaching Dutch to a lot of students. Every student is unique, but what they all have in common, is that they are expats who have started a new life in The Netherlands. Usually my students are positive and enthusiastic about their new lives, but sometimes they feel the need to talk about their feelings and thoughts. I have been listening to and talking with many of them during our language classes and it is my experience that once one has expressed what is bothering him, he feels better and goes home visibly relieved and in better conditions to study. I always feel much engaged and my background as a psychologist helps me to understand better how really listening can help to make someone feel better. For me, a training is successful when a student has acquired Dutch language skills, has felt free to talk whenever he indicated his wish to do so and has finished the training satisfied, with new language skills and more positive feelings.

How it works

The training can start soon after a free online introductory meeting. A training consists of 30 hours or a multiple thereof. You don’t need to leave your house, because we offer distance learning Dutch classes. These are one-hour lessons. At any moment during a class, you are welcome to indicate that you wish to have a personal talk about anything that is important for you at that moment.

More Information

The concept of ‘Dutch and You’ has aroused your interest and you would like to have more information. I’ll be happy to inform and advice you.

More Information

Free Offer

To make an offer I suggest you fill out the intake form, so I can customize the program fitting your personal needs and desires. The costs per hour are € 45.00. Costs of study material are dependant on what is agreed upon. Travelling expenses trainer (if outside of Arnhem) are € 0.30/km. Prices: VAT excluded. In many cases employers will compensate these costs for (partners of) their expats.

Free Offer

Free Introductory Conversation

If you would like to have a free introductory conversation with Marjon Pijl, please fill out the form and I will contact you to arrange an appointment.

Free Introductory Conversation


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